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Effective teaching and learning should be priority of all teaching staff and leaders within any educational organisation and it is the common thread which glues all the members of the organistion together. We also know that the leadership of curriculum, clarity of intent, efficacy of implementation and of course impact, is a fundamental and significant focus of inspection framework.


At NFH Consultancy we will support your organisation in checking that the curriculum is well planned and that it is systematically delivered across the organisation. We will support you in promoting coherence and reduced variablilty in the implementation of your curriculum aims. 


It is crucial that organisations promote clarity and consistency in their approaches to delivering the following:

  • Intent - How is this developed into a progressive framework for effective curriculum delivery?
  • Implementation - How are leaders translating this framework into structure and narrative?
  • Impact - How are leaders evaluating the knowledge ad understanding students have gained against expectations?

At NFH Consultancy, we can help you to make better and well informed decisions,  around curriculum leadership strategies which support your organisation in promoting consistency and being systematic.

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