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NFH Consultancy supports those that wish to develop or require support to help themselvess and others. If you are looking for some sponsorship NFH Consultancy might be the perfect fit for you, contact us today by clicking the red button below.

By sponsoring chosen groups, organisations and events we aim to see individuals and communities grow. Personal goals can be simple to achieve with a strategic plan; support from friends, relatives and contacts. In return for our sponsorhip we ask you help promote our good work!

This is why we have chosen to sponsor and support:

Upbeat a fantastic name for a group. It already energises you to want to know more about the group – so we asked!


It offers hope, support and guidance to individuals with personality disorders and their carers.

Click the link to read our Getting to know Upbeat blog.


Lincoln Disability Football Club was established to provide footballers with an inclusive environment, to ensure there were no barriers to participation. The core player group are those that have disabilities and mental health conditions,. The club has created a football community that offers new opportunities for aspiring footballers, with the support of their families, carers and friends. To this day, the club is proud of their strong family values and their sense of community where everyone is welcome to play, volunteer, support, or just make new friends. 

LVSC is a successful swim club, teaching children to swim from aged 4.5 years,  through to competitive swimming. This year LVSC had a record numbers of swimmers at Lincolnshire County and Midland Regional events. Furthermore, there were swimmers at this year’s GB and English National events,  and the aim is to have swimmers at the next Olympic trials.  
Most of the swimmers show dedication and commitment to training,  this is a life skill that will stand them in good stead for when they leave school and enter the workplace. There are a number of community partners who are keen to support the young athletes into employment too. 

Kissing it Better


Kissing it better  (KIB) is a charity that works to share simple healthcare ideas, through the use of community groups, to make a huge difference to the care of patients and their carers within hospitals and care homes. Through events, training and effective communication it aims to enhance healthcare Visit their website to see how all age groups can work together to utilise learning and life experience for happiness.

Individuals & teams  raising funds 

Many individuals want to raise funds for different charities and research.  Two colleagues and wonderful friends, did just that in the 'Race for Life'. 

Fun, friendship creating, team building and spirited,  and most importantly for causes dear to their hearts.

Well done ladies!  Love the t-shirts.


An exciting group for young adults (aged 18-30) with additional needs who are passionate about musicals and have a love for performing. The joy, happiness and pride each student experiences from performing together enables them to feel they have achieved something, they can share with the wider community; building friendships and skills they can use throughout their lives.

Social opportunities for the whole family are also available, so parents, carers and siblings can be involved and enjoy the good times together.

Inclusion, creativity, positivity & choice is Stardust’s ethos.

With the help of the charity Every-One, STARDUST became a reality. 

However, the group continues to require funds and support for more young people to be part of the group.

A dedicated team of practitioners support children aged five to eighteen who are affected by a parent or family member’s substance misuse, for whom holidays can seem especially long and daunting.  The team work hard to organise various trips and activities to give them things to look forward to.


Engaging the children in enjoyable activities not only provides them with some much-needed respite but will help them to build self-esteem, mitigate feelings of isolation and – most importantly – have fun!


The Trust team are always  keen to hear from anyone who is willing to donate tickets or passes for any activities and days out, or even a safe space in which the Young Oasis team can occupy groups of the children with crafts or games.


Businesses interested in donating can contact the Lincolnshire Action Trust on

01522 806611. 

Grantham Disabled Children’s Society offers support to family members (parents, carers and siblings) to ensure individuals and families,  do not feel socially excluded or isolated, but can live a happy life, being part of the wider community.

GDCS is a parent/carer - led society that offers:

 - Support to all members of the family through advocating inclusion in everyday life, to see beyond the disability of a loved one.

 - Education and raising awareness, advocating for changes and providing Information to help families enjoy everyday life.

 - Fun, with outings and key events for the whole family to enjoy

 - Fundraising, wherever possible, noting that all the monies are put in to the society, which is run by volunteers

If you wish to get involved, or know of families or carers that would like to be part of the society, you can find more information on:

·        Facebook – GDCS information

·        Twitter -  @GDCS18 

Or via email  –

WEX – Boston RSPB Wildlife Explorers

This group supports children, young adults and their carers to learn more about their environment, teaching them new skills, supporting their education and development.

Adults and teenagers volunteer to run the group and ensure that the events, held once a month, are enjoyed by all. 

You can learn more about wildlife, or use your artistic talent to create items – what you create depends on the theme of the month!

If you want to volunteer, you can develop leadership and management skills, supporting others in their development

Individuals often often find it difficult, or are not able to participate in work and some need to develop their work-life balance.  This group enables people to devlop and participate at their own pace, where they feel comfortable.


Sleaford Cricket Club


Where individuals and teams develop through use of updated equipment; team membership; as well as coaching and training updates for individuals and teams; first aid, safeguarding and coaching skills courses; whilst offering entertainment and a social network to the wider community.

Beat it Grantham!


An organisation to support those with heart arrhythmias; supporting individuals to live with their condition, not by it.  A label can explain the condition to others, but does not stop you living your life.

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