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Having an assistant may not have been something you've ever considered nor thought you needed, but having a virtual assistant may be the solution to your problems.


Why a Virtual Assistant?

The phrase 'time is money' may be one that is overused, but its importance can not be overlooked. Whilst you are catching up on paperwork, planning events, looking for feedback, or answering all your emails, you're not focusing on the important side of your business that will build your business and make it sustainable.


What a virtual assistant can do:


  1. Frees up your time
  2. Less hassle than an actual office assistant 
  3. Cheaper than a full-time assistant, no full-time salary
  4. More flexible than an office assistant, use us when you need us
  5. Removes the chaos of activities such as event management
  6. Simplifies difficult instructions


With NFH Consultancy as your virtual assistant you are guaranteed a UK based Assisant who is easily reached.


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