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Working with teams


Any team comprises of people with different personalities, genders, beliefs etc

Clients approach us all the time looking for work and need their confidence building only to get a job and be shattered. 


So how can you strike a happy medium?



Handling Complaints


So you have a number of complaints and you are struggling to cope.


Don't panic. Let's break it down into small steps, as you need to approach this in a structured and coordinated way.

Conflict in the workplace


In an ideal world, or workplace, we would all see eye-to-eye and everyone would get on; however, we know it is not quite that simple though, is it?


Present with confidence


We have discussed presenting in 60 seconds before. The importance of drawing on the basic facts.  So, what about presenting on a subject area for 30 minutes?


The importance of engagement


Never underestimate the contribution someone else could make to helping you, you're not alone.

Is any problem too big to fix?

Solution finding

Where would I start? Can I afford it? If you take a moment to review your problems, they don't seem so big.

Learning to describe what we do


Sure, you know what you do, but if you were put on the spot and given 60 seconds could you thrive?

Student to employment

Career Planning

The transition from education to employment isn't always the easiest of moves, so how can you be ready?

The balance of life


Overworking and not relaxing is more than likely going to lead to stress...seems obvious right? Yet for some reason we're all guilty of it.

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