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We found them - Little Miracles

Often, we all ask for miracles in our home and work life, but we were wonderfully surprised to find ‘Little Miracles’ on our doorstep, not just helping one person but a vast number of children, families and carers in the local community.  As you can imagine we were keen to learn more.

A gem of a school hidden in Lincoln - building on DNA - Manor Leas Academy

The NFH Consultancy team decided to support pupils at a local education provider for juniors, after considering combining - health, support, social inclusion and with a touch of business flare in one of our communities.  Meeting an enthusiastic and proactive Mr Belt and an extremely driven Mr Greenwood, we were not surprised to see how the school community had started to embed these values at an early age.  

So you realise
You can’t get help from the government or what you will get is minimal. What are you going to do?
  • Firstly, take a step back and think about what your priority is.
  • Secondly, quantify it.
  • Thirdly, take action.

Getting our priorities right

The current situation has made the majority of us look at life differently.
There are three things we hope will come from this

Not available? Then tell us

There are times when company staff are not available, during training, a crisis, staff shortages, etc.
How do you communicate this to your customers?

Raising awareness of epilepsy

NFH Consultancy’s team wanted to understand more about epilepsy facts and figures, after linking with a Twitter friend in our community.  

Is your business or organisation struggling?

Are you struggling to get things done? 

  • Behind on your admin?
  • Team saying, they are overworked?
  • Sickness and absenteeism increasing
  • Recruitment and retention poor?
  • Not meeting deadlines?
  • Performance below expected target,  therefore penalties incurred?

These are common problems for many organisations, be they micro companies, small, medium or large organisations.

To train or not to train?  That is the question.
On a weekly basis we meet people that either have trained for a healthcare role but don’t practice or don’t have the confidence to train  for a different job in healthcare.
What is stopping them?

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