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Sponsorship to support the wider communities


NFH Consultancy supports those that wish to develop or require support to help themselves and others. 


In June we have some sponsored events happening with  Beat It East Midlands on 14 & 28 June 2017.

Just book a place it is free to attend.



By sponsoring chosen groups, organisations and events we aim to see individuals and communities grow. Personal goals can be simple to achieve with a strategic plan; support from friends, relatives and contacts.

This is why we have chosen to sponsor and support:

Sleaford Cricket Club - ( where individuals and teams develop through use of updated equipment; team membership; as well as coaching and training updates for individuals and teams; first aid, safeguarding and coaching skills courses; whilst offering entertainment and a social network to the wider community.



Beat it Grantham!  - ( An organisation to support those with heart arrhythmias; supporting individuals to live with their condition, not by it.  A label can explain the condition to others, but does stop you living your life.

NFH Consultancy’s work and sponsorship allows us to continue to give back to communities.

.Poetry by Gini, ( raises funds for heart charities and organisations, offering the written word to provide entertainment, promote and help others; the poems we display on our website support what we as a company are trying to do.


Cricket Team 

So you’ve got the fastest bowler
A star batsman as well
But do you have a team that will
Play together real swell?

Does everyone contribute
Rise up to the true test
With fab performance every time
To make your team the best?

For with a little guidance
Direction and support
There’s one thing that’s for certain sure
You’ll score just as you ought

And then you’ll have the best innings
Less any sticky wicket
Together knocking them for six
Go get them! Sleaford Cricket

by Gini

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