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Volunteering can help you and your community 

It does not matter if you only have an hour to spare- you can volunteer. We can help you get the most out of volunteering. 

Volunteers run groups to help make a difference in their community. 

NFH Consultancy supports a number of groups that work with volunteers and has seen first-hand the benefits it brings to those attending the groups, the community and the volunteers.

Develop your skills by volunteering today and make your CV stand out. 

Contact us and we will help develop you and your CV, to take that next step in your career.

Join a group; befriend someone and share that hour with them. 

There are numerous campaigns to help find volunteers e.g.,


Groups that we have supported:


  • WEX – Boston RSPB Wildlife Explorers

    This group supports children, young adults and their carers to learn more about their environment, teaching them new skills, supporting their education and development.

    Adults and teenagers volunteer to run the group and ensure that the events, held once a month, are enjoyed by all. 

    You can learn more about wildlife, or use your artistic talent to create items – what you create depends on the theme of the month!

    If you want to volunteer, you can develop leadership and management skills, supporting others in their development


  • Sleaford Cricket Club


    Do you want to play cricket? 

    This is an obvious place to learn and play, but if you don’t want to there are other ways you can help.  You can

    • volunteer and support others in their learning and development

    • help organise events

    • support in the development of individuals with the obvious health benefits players and coaches receive

    • be part of the supporting team, have fun and raise funds to support the community.

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