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'All About Me'

The Project

At different times in our lives we need help and support, this can lead to us requiring a carer. This person can be our eyes, ears and provide our voice; knows us nearly as much as we know ourselves. To help the carers do this and  ensure others can care for us properly 'All About Me' has been devised.

A ‘living’ document that tells you ‘All About Me!’



Ensuring relevant, joined-up care, for each individual

There may be ‘ups and downs’ in our lives where we require care from other organisations.

This is why organisations led by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, are working in partnership across Lincolnshire to provide a document for individuals who require a carer; to ensure effectiveness of care transfer. This document will firstly be used for dementia patients and then rolled out to those with other Long-term conditions, who may also benefit.  This document is yours to write in it the care you require by whom, when, why and how!

If you care for a friend, relative or neighbour with dementia this could help you and let the person you are caring for receive the care for the life they want and need.



Contact   United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust on Telephone: 01476 464560 or 01476 464862 
Email:  or ask at  your doctor’s surgery. There are numerous organisations willing to help you fill in the form.




Our involvement

NFH Consultancy Ltd has been working with United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, patients, carers, the health and social care community, and the voluntary sector to support the delivery of 'All About Me'.

'All About Me ' information along with other planning information being displayed at a workshop within Lincolnshire.

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