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Community health receives a boost from local businesses

Emergency situations and having a long-term condition are common place in every community including Boston.

Lloyds Bank and NFH Consultancy have been working together with Boston Grammar School,  local businesses and the community over the past two years  to raise enough money to buy defibrillators for Boston and the surrounding areas, whilst training sufficient staff and the general public to use them,  in case of an emergency.  Just over £3,000 was raised.


In one year around 146, 000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack, of these around 30 000 will have a cardiac arrest out of hospital where the heart stops, and of these only 1 in 10 survive - getting the right help urgently, can be life-saving.  Every minute without cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation reduces the chance of survival by 10%. [Defibrillators are machines that deliver electric shocks to the heart when someone is having a heart attack. These machines are also known as AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). Time is crucial and having easy access to such machines saves lives]. 

The Heart Attack Centre at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust provides specialist help for patients but to obtain the best possible chance of survival, defibrillators are needed to keep the patient alive.

Dr O’Brien (Consultant Cardiologist) received the funds raised for the centre and gave his heartfelt thanks on behalf of all the patients to the local businesses and community, for raising the funds, and noted that defibrillators were a crucial part of care provision for patients.

The ambulance service and L.I.V.E.S are supporting the businesses to decide the best location for the defibrillators.  Charities and groups (Callum Pite’s Smile Charity and H.O.P. E.) who support people with long-term conditions also received funds from the project.

Lisa Dawson (Lloyds Bank) and Nicola Humberstone (NFH Consultancy Ltd) thanked all of those involved in the fundraising for their support and hoped the funds would be put to good use within 2016.





What a fantastic afternoon!

Boston Grammar School showed it was on good form, as it held its first Charity Summer Fete.

Principal John McHenry was on hand to enjoy the fun with the staff, pupils  and many guests including East Midlands Ambulance NHS Trust (EMAS) and L.I.V.E.S on a lovely summer afternoon. 
There was no sign of a dampening mood following the flood that caused the school to close in December 2013. The future has never looked brighter.


Music provided by the school band accompanied the Schuh Plattler; games; Magic show; Punch and Judy and all the delights of a summers day – ice-cream, drinks and home-made cake; whilst fundraising for such worthy charities - Out-reach, World War I Memorial and defibrillators for the local community. Local businesses helped the school by offering time to support such good causes.


BGS is sited at the heart of the Boston Community, steeped in history; places are available for boys aged 11 to 18 and girls aged 16 to 18. Make an appointment today to see how
you can be part of BGS’s future and they can help you form yours.






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