Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy

I started NFH Consultancy Ltd in spring

2013.  Its priority being –




“To deliver service improvement to meet our clients’ needs”.



Following over 20 years within the NHS, it was time to build on personal experience and utilise the skills learnt in differing roles to host projects and programmes of work to support all client facing business.  We care about what we do. Every role we undertake impacts on someone or something.    



My own career has taken me on a journey undertaking a variety of roles: administration, management and clinical work, which allows me to apply myself in differing situations; to translate strategic vision into practical deliverables.


Having a strategic vision does not mean you can stand back and it will happen, it often means taking part operationally!  There are always twists and turns when trying to deliver solutions; we learn and conquer challenges together.  We pride ourselves on rolling sleeves up and being part of the team - which part depends on the team requirements and the dynamics of the situation. We use skills to bridge gaps; to facilitate and engage with others to ensure clear communication routes.



We are passionate about ensuring services operate effectively and that includes the people that perform the key functions. People often require support in realising their potential and understanding their role in the wider picture. We offer support to individuals, as well as the teams of organisations, to develop their skills, as a variety of techniques are often required to support change management,  alleviating conflict.



 NFH Consultancy Ltd can help you. Contact us today.





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